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Hello! I'm Kevin Weiler

Full Stack Engineer

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I am a disciplined problem solver and maker at heart. I also enjoy creating new things, bringing products to market, and collaborating with smart people to get the job done.

Skill and Focus

    Project Completion 100%

  • Code using tested principles 50%

  • UX and Design 25%

  • Deployment and Submission 15%

  • Rapid Iteration 10%

  • 9 years of project management and architecture, and 20 years softwarer development experience.
  • Plenty of projects, just ask!
  • I've scaled apps and backends from 0 to millions of users.
  • Involved in startup investment, aquisition, and promotion.
iOS App iPhone iPad Development Folsom, CA

My goal is to provide real quality and value that grows products organically


Full Stack Development:


Startup Growth and Scale

Been involved in founding and growing several successful startups

iOS Development

Love it! Swift and Objective-C expert.

Aerial Photography

I shoot and produce high quality videos using drones and DSLR.


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